Kisi ka Talaq Karne Ki Powerful Dua Amal

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Sometimes we get caught up in wrong marriages and destroy our lives even before we understand the depth of this problem. Marriage is a blessing of God but in some cases, it becomes the curse. 

Nothing is worst than getting into an unwanted relationship where there is no love. For a woman, carrying the burden of a dead relationship is a hard thing to do.

The situation turns worse when domestic violence and the other woman get involve.

As a woman, you don’t deserve such treatment. Your husband is supposed to be your friend, protector and soulmate. Don’t put up with him if he doesn’t treat you in the right way. Divorce (Talaaq) may be a difficult decision to take but it is better than the suffering a dead marriage will give you. You deserve happiness in your life and an abusive relationship can never give you anything but pain and regret.

Talaq Karne ki Islamic Dua

After all these things, if you want to divorce your husband then you can try our ‘Talaq Karne ki Islamic Dua’. This Dua is really powerful and magical. It will help you in taking divorce. Perform this ‘Talaq karne ki Dua’ according to the given method. Trust us, this ‘Talaq Karne ki Islamic Dua’ will work for you surely.

Here is ‘Talaq karne ki Dua’

  • Is Dua ko aap fajar mtlb subhe ki namaz mei padhe k baad padhe. Sab se pahele sahi tarike  se wazu kar lein sunnah k mutabik. Uske baad fajar ki namaz padh lein phir aap is wazife ko kasrat k sath padhein. Fir 11 martabaar aapko durood-e- shareef padhna hai.

Allah Hum-maa Sallii-Aalaa-Muhammadii WaaAalaa-Aalii-Muhammadinn-KaamaSal-Laitaa-Aalaa-Ibraahimaa-WaaAalaa Aalii Ibrahimaalnn-naka Hamiidumm- MajeedAllah Hum-maa Bariik Aalaa MuhammadiiwWaa Aalaa Aalii Muhammadinn kaam aa Barakta Aalaalbraahimaa Waa Aalaa Aaliilbraahima Waa Aalaa Aaliilbrahimaa Inn-naka Hamiidumm-Majeed

  • Is darood sharif ko padh lene k baad phir aap 41martabaar  Surah Lahab padhein. Phir se aapko 11 martabaar darood sharif padhein.
  • Pahele aap 2 dane le lein nakmaz k apne ungliyon mei or katori mei bhi le lein namak k dane ko. Or jiska aap ko talaq karwaan hai aap un do insano ka naam le dil he dil mei. Uske baad Aap Allah se dua mange or is wazifa ko aap rozana 21 din tak padhein. Inshaallah  Allah aapki ismein zaroor madad karenge

Talaq karwane ka Powerful Amal

If your family doesn’t support your decision then you practice ‘Talaq karwane ka Powerful Amal’. After practising this ‘Talaq karwane ka Powerful Amal’ you will easily get divorce.

Follow these steps to perform ‘Talaq karwane ka Powerful Amal’

  • Agar aap biwi hai toh aap apne shohar se ijazat le is baat k liye. Aap unko talaq dena chahati hai or agar aap ka husband aapko talaq dena chaahate hai. To aap se wo ijazat se le is talaq ka agar aap apne shaadi shuda zindagi se khush nahi hai toh apne miya ya biwi se toh jitni jaldi ho sake aap unse talaq le lein.
  • Toh aapko uske liye talaq karne ka amal karna bhaut zaroori hai. Is amal k madad se aap apne shohar ya biwi ko talaq de sakte hai. Is amal ko aap pani mei ya koi meethi chiz mei mila kar apni biwi ya shohar ko khliye. Isse unka nazariya aap k tarf se haat jayega or aap ko wo talak jaldi se jaldi  dedenge. Is amal ko aap kuch din tak kasrat k se padhein. Is amal se aap k Sare problem hamesha se khatam ho jayenge. Or is amal se aap jis chiz ka intezaar kar rahe hai wo bhi aapko hasil ho jayegi

Talak Karwane ka Taweez

‘Talak Karwane ka Taweez’ is another powerful Islamic method to get away with a dead marriage and a cruel husband. It is better to leave a wrong behind than to be with him forever. Try this ‘Talak Karwane ka Taweez’. With the help of this magical Taweez you can be free. Talk to your Molvi and tell him about this.

Read instructions here if you want to get

‘Talak Karwane ka Taweez’

  • Bhaut tarike k taweez hote hai jisme aap apne pyar ko hasil bhi kar sakte hai is taweez ki madad se agar aapko talak karwane ka taweez chaheye toh aapne apne molve se is baat ka zikar kare Insha Allah wo is ki behtareen tarkibe aapko ko batayenge or taweez bhi denge is taweez se jo chiz aap hasil karna chaahate hai wo chiz aapko bhaut jald hasil bhi ho jayegi.

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