Naraz Shohar ko Razi karke Manane ka Wazifa Dua

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Assalamualaikum my beautiful brothers and sisters. According to Islam, husband (shohar) is superior and most important relation in a woman’s life. Husband’s love is a God gift. It’s all a woman has in her life. That’s why a woman loves her husband the most. She values his presence and celebrates his love. May Allah shower blessings, peace and harmony on those women.

But some relationships don’t survive due to the external factors. Sometimes miss understandings and difficulties enter in their relationships and they break the bond they share with each other. Couples often face many problems and these issues result in complete ignorance and a kind of hatred that leads to separation.

Shohar Ko Razi Karne Ka Wazifa

That’s why women lose their husband’s love and the reason could be anything other woman, infertility, family issues, financial issues, stress, evil eyes, and black magic etc. However, there are ways to bring things back to normal. You can control the situation any time with the help of ‘Shohar ko manane ka wazifa’.

This Shohar ko razi karne ka wazifa will help you fill love back in your married life. Your husband will start loving you back after applying this wazifa. These wazifas were taken from our holy Quran and have every solution to any kind of problem-related to married life. If you really want to solve your problem then you should practice them.

You must try these Shohar ko razi ka wazifa if you want your relationship to sustain for a lifetime. These wazifas work really well. They pull the magical forces to bring love and affection back in your life.

Now, I am going to tell you, wazifas in Urdu language and how they work and how you can control the problematic situation.

Follow these Shohar ko manane ka wazifa steps carefully to relive your marriage:-

  • Musalman behne naraz shohar ko manane ya razi karne ka qurani Wazifa 165 of surah Al baqrah agar biwi is surah ko kashti or kasrat se rozana padhe toh unka sohar unke baat zaroor manega.
  • Sab se pahele aap wazu kar le uske baad Ye wazifa margrib k namaz khatam hone k baad padhe or apne pass aap pani ka bhara hua glass rakhe or us pani mei dum kar le.
  • Is wazife ko aap namaz khatam hone k baad padh rozana aap is pani ko khane k chiz mei bhi dal k apne shohar ko khila sakti hai ye rozana aap is wafize ko kasrat se kare jayega inshaAllah aap ka, shohar aap se zaroor or jaldi razi ho jayenge

Shohar ko manane ki Dua

In Quran Dua has a different meaning. It plays a significant role in our lives and gives us what we desire. Once Iqra Rafiq said about Dua “Talk to Allah, he’s waiting to hear from you. Cry to Allah, he’s waiting to remove your tears. Pray to Allah, he’s waiting to answer you.” Indeed truth, because Dua is powerful. It fulfils our wishes and gives peace and happiness.

There are various types of ‘Shohar ko razi karne ki Dua’ in our Holy book Quran. You just have to follow this ‘Shohar ko manane ki Dua’ and your husband will start listening to you again. Your shohar will fall in love with you again.

Read this ‘Shohar ko manane ki Dua’ and perform it properly. After reciting this

Shohar ko razi karne ki Dua Allah will solve all your problems and give you respite. You will be able to live your life peacefully.

Here is ‘Shohar ko manane ki Dua’

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem


Zaalikal kitaabu laa raiba feeh; hudal lilmutaqeen

Allazeena yu’minoona bilghaibi wa yuqeemoonas  salaata wa mimmaa razaqnaahum yunfiqoon Wallazeena yu’minoona bimaar unzila ilaika wa maaa unzila min qablika wa bil Aakhirati hum yooqinoon

Ulaaa’ika ‘alaava hudam mir rabbihim wa ulaaa’ika humul muflihoon

lnnal lazeena kafaroo sawaaa’un ‘alaihim a-anzar tahum kafaroo sawaaa’un ‘ alaihim ‘a-anzar tahum am lam tuzirhum la yu’minoona

Khatamal laahu ‘alaa quloobihim wa ‘alaa sami’-him wa ‘alaaa absaarihim ghishaa watunw wa lahum ‘azaabun ‘azeem

Wa mineen naasi mainu yaqoolu aamannaa billaahi wa bil yawmil aakhiri wa maa hum bimu’mineen

Yukhaadi’oonal laaha wallazeena aamanoo wa maa yash’uroo Fee quloobihim mara dun fazaadahumul laahu maradun wa lahum ‘azaabun aleemum bimaar kaanoon yakziboon

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