Powerful Wazifa For Getting Lover Back

lover back wazifa
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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! May Allah show his Mercy upon us all and also give his blessings on us. Bismillah Hirrahmaa Nirrahim. If your husband or a wife or your lover doesn’t love you maybe because of some of your faults. And now you are missing him or her so badly. Now you are also trying lots of methods to back your lover and to talk with that person. But that person doesn’t take care of you and he or she doesn’t want to come back in your life again.

Then at that time brothers and sisters don’t be sad because there’re also lots of ways or methods. If you will apply these ways or methods to yourself or to your lover, then your lover will come back so easily. The name of these ways or methods is taken help from Dua, Wazifa, Amal, Taweez, and Istikhara. All these methods are 100% genuine and will definitely help you.

With the help of all these ways methods, your lover who left you will come back again. If you will apply these powerful and best methods Dua, Wazifa, Amal, Taweez, and Istikhara in the correct way. We are not providing you other methods in this article because here in this article we are going to provide you only wazifa for lover back.

Wazifa for getting lover

Sometimes in life, when something wrong happens between you and your partner. We don’t know who has the fault? But sometimes that such a thing leads to a serious problem. After that reason, your partner does not like you, and even he or she does not care about you. Maybe the fault is only from your side or maybe your partner or your special one made any mistake. But brothers and sisters it doesn’t matter who has the fault. Only the thing matter is the love between both of you.

lover back wazifa
lover back wazifa

If anything happens between both of you and it doesn’t matter how big a fight you both are emerging. At that time, you just have to remember one thing that you love your partner so much. But still, if your lover doesn’t want to come back and he or she does not care about you. Then at that time, you have to need a strong wazifa for getting lover.


Here is the wazifa for getting lover:

  • First of all, Wake up in the Fajr time, or you can also perform this wazifa after an Isha’s Namaz.
  • In the fajr time, you have to take a shower and then do Wudu according to the Sunnah.
  • After that, you have to read the dua, which we have shown you below 101 times daily along with the Durood-e-Shareef three times before.
  • You have to perform this wazifa continuously for 21 days.

Sall Yaa Raasooluuu aaheeraaa soolaa biii haqqiii ishraa hiiyaaa maaliikii youmiiddeen maa arhiimuuu arrahhmeenn

  • After that, you have to blow this dua on the sweets, and then you have to give these sweets to the person whom you want to come back in your life.
  • Always keep in mind that you have to perform this wazifa with a clean heart and pure mind.
  • In Sha ALLAH, the almighty Allah will help you and your lover come back in your life again.

Powerful wazifa for lover come back

It can be extremely frustrating for someone to notice that their partner shows affection for someone else while neglecting them. There is not only one powerful wazifa for lover come back. But there are also lots of wazifa for lover back, and all these wazifas are 100% working. Here we are providing you the most powerful wazifa for lover come back.

You have to perform the same wazifa, which we have provided you in above. But in this wazifa, you have to add the dua also.

Here is that dua for lover back:-

Allahummaa Yaa Jaaa Miiuuu Annnaasee

Liiyau miinn Laa Raiibaaa Fii hii Innnaa

Allaa haaa Laa Yukhlifuuu Allmiiaadaa

Ajmaaa Baiinii Waa Baiinaa Kazaaa

But brothers and sisters, always keep in mind that while performing this powerful and strongest wazifa. You also have to pray all the 5 Salaah in a day and also do the good things. These are those good things that our Almighty Allah will be happy about after watching and you can also contact our Maulvi Sahab for the fast results.

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