Powerful Dua Wazifa for Love Marriage

love marriage dua wazifa
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Love is a strong feeling of care toward someone. Everyone wants to get married and spend their life with the person they love. In our society love marriage is not considered as good as arrange marriage. If you really love you should talk to your parents about him/her as soon as possible. If your parents do not agree on your choice, first try to convince your parent with calmness. Our government has given you the right to choose your soul mate, but you should make your parents agree on your choice.

They are the one who brought you in this world, and you must not disobey them. If still, your parents do not agree with your choice, take help from dua. There is a really powerful dua for love marriage, you can recite in this situation. Make sure you recite it daily without skipping a single day. You will see the positive result soon.

  1. The time regulation for the dua is 11 days.
  2. Make sure to be in the form of ablution.
  3. Recite surah Yaseen Shareef thrice
  4. Recite “Allahu ya fattahu” 303 times
  5. Make dua for love marriage problems and pray for easy solutions.

After doing this for 11 days, ask about marriage suggestion from your parents again and Inshallah you will see that they will give their consent for your marriage. With doing this wazifa you should offer namaz on time and recite Quran Pak on a daily basis. Allah never accepts Dua of the person who does not offer namaz.

Wazifa for love marriage

love marriage dua wazifa
love marriage dua wazifa

Wazifa is meant to imply some verses and phrases to fulfill your desired wish. You can perform wazifa for the big, small or even for the general guidance from Allah (SWT). Wazifa for love marriage can help you to get marry with your lover without your parent’s disappointment. It happens in our culture that parents mostly do not agree on our choice for girl/boy. If your parents do not agree with you after all your efforts, you should not disobey them and try to convince them with calmness. Wazifa is the best thing which the bride and groom-to-be can do for their parents to come in favor of the marriage. You can ask Allah to help you. You can do any wazifa for love marriage.  

Wazifa you can perform is given below.

  1. First of al, make sure to be in the form of ablution
  2. Recite Durood Shareef for 36 times in the beginning.
  3. Recite Dua given below for 1200 times.

Yaa badeeul aajaa iibu bilkhairi yaa badeeu

  • You have to practice this wazifa for 12 days.
  • Then recite durood shareef again for 36 times in the end.
  • Then pray to Allah almighty with pure heart and intentions.
  • After performing this wazifa you will surely get a positive result. Inshallah, you will marry your soulmate.

Powerful pray for love marriage

If you are in favor of love marriage, then society will surely consider it as something illegal or immoral. Islam does not tolerate haram relationships. If the situation is not in favor of you, pray to Allah Almighty he will make things easy for you. Pray five times a day and recite Quran-e-Pak as much as you can. You can pray for love marriage to marry the person whom you love. For the success of any prayer, it is necessary that you must follow the rules which were mentioned in Quran.

The below-mentioned love marriage wazifa you can do for the success of your love marriage.

Make sure to be in the form of ablution

  1. You can only perform this wazifa only on Thursday.
  2. Practice wazifa for about 7 Thursdays.
  3. After performing two rakaat nawfil-e-haajat.
  4. Recite 10 times durood Shareef before starting this wazifa.
  5. And then recite surah muzamil 11 times which is in paara 29.
  6. After that recite durood Shareef again 10 times.
  7. Then pray to Allah Almighty for love marriage.
  8. Continue this wazifa until you get a positive result.

Inshallah, your desired wish will be fulfilled and you will marry the person whom you love.

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