Dua to Increase Love in Husband and Wife

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It is said marriages are made in heaven. Marriage is not about two people only. It is all about two souls, which tie up together for a lifetime. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, love is important in every relationship. In love marriage couple knows each other from the beginning, obviously. They love each other from the starting phase. But in an arranged marriage, you need to give time to grow your love and affection for each other. Without love and affection, no relationship will survive.

We all know marriage is not only a fairy tale always. It can be also become a serious problem in your life. If the “x-factor,” i.e., love is missing in your relationship then it can happen a big problem . It is the main thing which attracts both people. If you feel that your wife’s affection and love towards you has decreasing then it means she is not happy. We can also say that something happens to her from which you are totally unaware. The only thing you can do is dua to increase love in wife heart. For sure, you will get the best result. 

How to increase love in husband wife relation

Love is important in every relationship. The relation between a husband and wife is based on love. When the main factor of love is missing, it is a thing to worry about. The reason can be anything for missing love in your relationship. Might be the husband is no more attached to the wife, or the wife is not fully satisfied with her husband. Then distance can be created. To bring back love in relation, you can do dua to increase love in husband and wife. This is the most effective way to make your relation strong a healthy. If they want to stay together happily ever. We all know that this is the only relation where two different people came together from different families and made a decision to stay together for a lifetime.

To make a successful relationship, it is important to put effort into the relationship. Several times it happens that wife is not more attached to her husband. So here, we are going to represent a simple and most effective technique, i.e., dua to create love in wife heart.

Easy steps to do Dua to increase love in your wife heart

  • After the Maghrib Namaz, you need to start the Wazifa.
  • Now imagine your wife’s face and keep a picture in front of you
  • Now while reading the Wazifa look in the picture
  • Read the Durood Sharif five times
  • Now read the beautiful name of ALLAH SUBHAN WA TA’ALA” YA WADUDO” for 500 times.
  • Again, go through the Durood Sharif five times daily

For a week, you continue the process and recite dua to increase love in husband and wife. Within a week, you will get a result. Within few days your husband nature will change. Follow the dua to create love in wife heart. You could continue this process for more time if you didn’t get the desired results. This dua has one more specialty that if someone had done Black Magic to separate you both, It would be removed, Insha Allah.

Dua to increase love in a relation

Does your wife leave you? In many relations, it happens that the wife left the husband’s house due to anger. If you want that she will come back to your home then you have to do dua to increase love in wife heart. One of the powerful ways to mend your broken relationship. In this situation, only one thing will help you that is pray to Allah. The almighty can save you from this situation. Read the Quran, and it will help you in every crucial stage in your life. Dua will recreate love in your wife’s heart. She will come back to you. If you think that your wife has an extra material affair then do dua to create love in wife heart. By this, your wife will lose interest in other men and will get attracted to you.

Islamic dua to increase love between a couple

  • Islamic dua is very powerful, and you can follow the dua to increase love in husband and wife. Read the dua after ISHA’s NAMAZ.
  • Before the dua read the Darood Shareef for 11 times
  • Next, you have to read 101 times the Surah Hijr Ayat 47.
  • Read the Ayat for 777times and recite the dua to increase love in the wife’s heart. This will create affection in your spouse’s mind.
  • Next again, read the Darood Shareef for 11 times.

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