Dua For Good Job for Husband

husband job dua
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The relationship between husband and wife is one of the pure relationship in life. If one face problem the other should help him/her. If your husband is jobless and can’t find any job then he became frustrated, worried and depressed. In this case a wife can help her husband by searching a job or by praying. First of all both should have strong believe on Allah (SWT) almighty. Always ask for the help from Allah SWT).  Don’t feel depressed all the time. You should support your husband in that tough time. You can help your husband to find job by reciting our dua for good job.

Dua to get a job for husband is given below.

  1. On first day of hijri month.
  2. Keep a fast with intention of getting a job.
  3. On the same night. After night obligatory prayers.
  4. In an ablution. Recite durood e shareef 11 times.
  5. Stand up and recite YAA WAHHABU 1000 times.
  6. Make a Dua with pure heart and intention. And ask Allah (SWT) almighty for a good job.
  7. Recite durood e shareef again 11 times in the end.
  8. Do the same for 7 days continuously.
  9. Don’t skip any single day.

Your husband will surely get a good job as soon as possible.

Wazifa To Get a Job For Husband

You should not forget that Dua and wazifa are the weapon of believe. These things will surely help you to get rid of anxiety and worries and will give you happy and a peaceful life. If your husband is searching for a job and after struggling so many times he doesn’t get any job. Because of job problem he is living his life in tension and being his wife you can’t see him like that.

husband job dua
husband job dua

First of all you should be supportive toward your husband. Not having a good job can make your husband feel insecure and frustrated about present and especially about his family’s future. Instead of falling into depression you both should try to deal with your difficulties with prayers, reciting Quran Pak, making Dua’s and has patience. As a Muslim, you should trust on Wazifa to get a job for husband. If your husband is searching for a job and can’t find any then you can perform this wazifa.

The wazifa is given below.

  1. In an ablution. After performing any salah.
  2. Recite surah yaseen ayat# 82


  • Recite this ayat 100 times. And make Dua to Allah for your husband’s job.
  • Do this wazifa till 40 days.
  • After some days you will get your reward from Allah In sha Allah

Surely your husband will get a job according to his qualification and experience. This wazifa is very helpful. And so many people got their reward with the help of this wazifa.

Dua For Jobless Husband

In today’s world, inflation is increasing day by day and everyone is worried about their job. If your husband have good job then he can fulfill his family wishes and needs. If your husband is jobless then he became worried about his family’s future. In the eye of Allah almighty the relation between husband and wife is the best thing. As Allah (SWT) says INNA MA AL USRI YUSRAA


For husband’s good job, you need our dua for jobless husband. You should put your all trust on Allah almighty. Allah almighty sends us in this world and we all know that he has written a good life for you and for everyone. In our life we got little problems in our life as compared to happiness. If you want that your husband will get a job as soon as possible you can do this amal

  1. You and your husband both should perform 5 times Namaz daily and recite the Quran daily and continuously.
  2. There are lots of Dua to get a job but if you and your husband will recite the Surah Waqiah it will really help you.
  3. Because Surah Waqiah is the Surah for provision and with the help of this Surah, you’ll not face any job problem.
  4. But here, you and your husband should recite this Surah Waqiah at night means after completing Isha’s Namaz.
  5. Inshallah, the Allah almighty will give good job to your husband .

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