Get Your Love Back By Dua, Wazifa and Ibadat

get your love back
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Ibadat is an Arabic word which means service. In Islam ibadat means worship, obedience. Ibadat include profession of faith, Ritual prayers, Alms giving, Fasting, and Pilgrimage to Makah. Which are known as the pillars of Islam. You can get your love back by Ibadat. By the means of ibadat one should have the ability of acquiring love in his /her life.

Whenever you feel that you are living in reclusion and suffering from this curse then you can get rid from this curse by the mean of Ibadat. It is like the pray which is only accepted when we have the Pak, pure soul and good intention. Love is one of the most essential part of our life. It’s quite impossible to forget someone whom you love. Sometimes when we love someone and he left us without reason. Whenever you are in such a situation where you want to bring someone back. But you can’t find any solution.

get your love back
get your love back

What you have to do is to perform ritual prayers five times a day first of all you should be in the form of ablution and perform prayer. After that you have to recite surah Qariya seven times and then with your pure heart. Pure intentions pray to Allah almighty to get your love back in your life as ibadat has never failed and you will surely get your result soon. Remember that you can only pray this Dua if u love someone truly and deeply.

Get Your Love Back By Dua

Dua is an Arabic word literally meaning appeal. Dua is most powerful weapon with he help of which we can fight with our problems. From Ancient times Dua is the most powerful source in order to get wishes fulfilled by Allah’s grace. You have lost your true love and it’s hard for you to spend a single minute without thinking about him/her. Our Dua to get your love back will surely help you to make someone come back in your life.

First of all you should be in the form of ablution:-

  1. Recite uhabakallaze uhbabtanii lahoo and then say to Allah about incomplete love life, Allah will surely help you in this matter.
  2. Read yaa haqqi laa illahaa antaa subhaanaka inni kuntu minazzalemeen after isha namaz as obligatory prayer for allah.
  3. Read jazaakallahoo khaairaa in morning for that person whom you love and want to get back in your life.
  4. Choose a clean and peaceful place and recite ya sayiddall kareemee ya biruhmatee bismillah e rehmaan e rahim for fulfilling the desired wish.
  5. Recite ao faitanee aao fallaho bikaa in the evening for whom you want to get back in your life and care about you.

This is the Dua to make someone back in your life .This is really the powerful Dua and you need to do this Dua for 41 days you will surely get results. With all the above mentioned Duas you must offer prayer 5 times and ask for Allah (SWT) mercy.

Get your love back by wazifa

In Islamic terms wazifa literally means reciting some verses or phrase to get desired favor or wish from Allah almighty. You can do wazifa to fulfill you any desire either it is related to your education, marriage, love life, business, health etc. It takes time to love someone. You spend a lot of time with that person. Your feelings and emotions for that specific person become stronger with the passage of time If you lost that person because of any reason. It is almost impossible to move on and live your life. If such situation happens then this wazifa will help you to get lost love back. Before you run with this love back wazifa, you need to perform nikah istikhaara and then recite surah ta’ha verses 39-41

Verses 39-41

An uqzifeehee fittaabooti faqzifeehi filyammi falyulqihil  yaammu bissahili yaakhuzhu aduwulli wa’aduwullahoo ‘Wa-alqaytu ‘alayka mahabbatan minnee walitusna’a a’la aaynee iz tamshee ukhtuka fataqoolu hal adullukum ‘ala man yakfuluhu faraja’ anaaka ilaa-ummika kee taqarra ‘ aynuha wala tahzana waqatalta nsfan fanajjaynaka mina-alghammi wafatannaka futoonaan falabista sineena fee ahli madyana summa jita’alaqadarin ya moosa was-tana’atukka linafsee


‘Cast him into the chest and cast it into the river, and the river will throw it onto the bank; there will take him an enemy to me and an enemy to him.’ And I bestowed upon you love from me that you would be brought up under my eye [And we favored you] when your sister went and said, ‘Shall I direct you to someone who will be responsible for him?’ So we restored you to your mother that she might be content and not grieve. And you killed someone, but We saved you from retaliation and tried you with a [severe] trial. And you remained [some] years among the people of Madyan. Then you came [here] at the decreed time, O Moses. And I produced you for Myself.

You can perform this wazifa to get your lost love back. you need to perform this wazifa by its proper method which is mentioned below

  1. You should start this wazifa on hijri month’s new moon Thursday.
  2. Between optional and obligatory prayers of morning. When you will perform this wazifa you have to imagine about the person for whom you are doing this wazifa.
  3. In starting recite durood shareef for 10 times.
  4. After that recite the surah ta’ha verses 39-40 continously without skipping a single day for 11 days.
  5. After this you have to end with reciting durood shareef again for 10 times
  6. Inshallah your love will come back soon, ameen

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