Dua to Agree Parents for Love Marriage

love marriage dua

Marriage is a lifetime commitment with anyone to be there for him/her during good and bad times. In our culture marriage is not only the union of two souls but it is the union of two families. Parents want to make a relationship with a family who fulfill their requirements of a respectable family. If you want to get married to the person you loved, you must have to win his/her parent’s heart for it.

The biggest hurdle in love marriage is to convince your parent. However, it is not that much difficult to convince your parent’s if you are firm in your decision. First, try to impress your partner’s parents because if they got impressed by you, then it will be less difficult to make them like you for their son/daughter. During all this process you must take guidance from Allah (SWT) he will suggest you some way to solve the situation. Allah (SWT) gives you complete freedom to choose your partner for marriage, but your intension should be pure.

love marriage dua
love marriage dua

You must offer Salah five times a day and recite Quran-e-Pak on a daily basis for the achievement. There is a Dua that you must recite after every Salah to make your parents agree on your choice for marriage. In para 13 there is a Surah named Surah Yousaf, you must recite Ayat number 86 of  Surah yousaf which is mentioned below after every Salah.

Qaala innamaaa ashkoo bassee wa huzneee ilal laahi wa a’lamu minal laahi maa laa ta’lamoon

You must recite the above mentioned Ayat 33 times after every Salah. In the prayer of Ishaa recite this Dua 333 times before offering Vitar. Recite Durood Shareef thrice in the start and in the end of Dua. Make sure you do not skip a day. Continue this process for 21 days, and In sha Allah your problem will be solved. 

Dua to make someone agree for marriage

Everyone wants to get married to the person of their choice. For a happy married life, it is necessary that boy/girl consent must be involved in the relationship. Everyone expects that their parents should accept the person they love, but sometimes parents reject their children’s choice. They do not support their children and become the biggest hurdle for their child. Islam allows every person either is a girl or boy to get married to the person of their choice. If your parents do not approve of your choice, you must listen to their doubts about your choice. They are the one who brought you in the world, and they just want your happiness.  If you are unable to clear your parent’s doubts about the person you love, then it is the time to think about your decision again. If you think that the person is correct for you and your parent’s doubts are meaningless, then you must take Allah (SWT) help. You should pray to Allah (SWT) for your ease and just leave it all on him. Allah (SWT) loves you a lot, and he will surely make an excellent decision for you.

There is a Dua you can recite to turn the situation in your favor.

  • After the prayer of Fajar and Asar, you can recite this Dua.
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times in the start and the end.
  • Recite “YA MUMITU” 41 times between Durood Shareef.

After complete reciting blow it on water, sugar, Wheat and make your family or the person you want to convince take it. If the person lives away from you just think of him/her and blow on his/her picture.  Make sure you do no skip a day, and your intensions should be right. You should do this for 21 days and In sha Allah result will be in your favor.

Dua to make lover Agree for marriage

Everyone has the right to choose his/her life partner. It is clearly said that if you love someone ask him/her for nikkah as soon as possible. Islam does not tolerate a haram relationship but allows everyone to to decide for his/her life. The situation will be less difficult if the person you love also want to marry you. But if that person does not loves you back, you should not force yourself on him/her. When a good man wants to marry you, he will ask for your hand. May be Allah (SWT) has decided someone much better than him/her.

You must trust Allah (SWT) for your all life decision. If you love someone and wants to marry only him/her, then you should pray to Allah (SWT). You should not do anything that will affect your character and your family’s honor. There is a surah in Quran-e-Pak that you can recite and make Dua make that person your spouse. In sha Allah if the person is good for you, Allah (SWT) will make you marry him/her. Take a pomegranate and peel it and put it on a bowl.

Make Wadu and recite Surah Tariq 26 time which is mentioned below.

Wassamaaa’i wattaariq

Wa maaa adraaka mattaariq

Annajmus saaqib

In kullu nafsil lammaa ‘alaihaa haafiz

Fal yanzuril insaanu mimma khuliq

Khuliqa mim maaa’in daafiq

Yakhruju mim bainissulbi wat taraaa’ib

Innahoo ‘alaa raj’ihee laqaadir

Yawma tublas saraaa’ir

Famaa lahoo min quwwatinw wa laa naasir

Wassamaaa’i zaatir raj’

Wal ardi zaatis sad’

Innahoo laqawlun fasl

Wa maa huwa bil hazl

Innahum yakeedoona kaidaa

Wa akeedu kaidaa

Famahhilil kaafireena amhilhum ruwaidaa

After reciting blow it on the pomegranate and make that person eat it. You should also eat that pomegranate. In sha Allah the person will start loving you and will marry you.

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